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October 28-30 2022  MONTICELLO, FL


This is a festival for all ages and all people,with only 1 focus…

worship our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ!

This world needs a movement that only starts with a mission to bring our country back to God.

Join us in October for worship music, guest speakers, church activities, hot air balloons,

food vendors, camping, fireworks, and a community of people that

will rise up and make a change.

Join us on The Hilltop, October 28th-30th.

Hilltop Worship Fest

You have certainly heard the words,“God Bless America”.


Well…why not, “America Bless God”? God dwells in the praises of his people; 

“Praise and Worship”, as it is often called.When we stop and worship, God shows up 

in our lives and in our nation.When we worship him, the enemy is held back.


When we worship, miracles happen.Sometimes that miracle is just a 

good feeling in our hearts.Sometimes that miracle is the 

manifestation of blessings beyond our wildest dreams.


Artist(s) to be announced!