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Welcome to the Hilltop Worship Fest Announcement Website

Organized by Hilltop Christian Fellowship, Inc at The Monticello Mansion

in partnership with local Churches and Communities

A community afternoon event for all ages come one come all

Let's worship our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ!

Join us on The Hilltop

Dates and Details to be Announced

4741 Ashville Hwy

Monticello, FL 32344

No Admission

Donations to cover the band's travel and costs will be received at the gate

Bring Blankets and Chairs to enjoy a Concert on the Back Lawn of the Mansion

Sean is currently traveling the country doing worship events

turning the heart

of this nation

towards God

one worship session after another

Hilltop and your local churches and organizations are

Excited to bring Sean to North Florida

after the culmination of the Seans National Tour

and Washington DC Super Event.

Sean is a super spreader of God's Blessings

Something significant is about to happen!


Its always been said

God Bless America 

now it's time for


America Bless God 


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